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I received the bag, and it is ADORABLE! The stitched characters on the jean portion is perfect! Thank you for your work!

Gretchen Ker

I received my hat today. I love it!!! I also have to tell you, your packaging is very classy. I loved everything about it. I love the little seed pod, as well. True class. Thanks again.

Michelle George

"Beautifully made products, prompt shipping, great communication, and the owner (Lisa) is a delight to work with!"

Sharon Spence, Garage Dyeworks

"Amazingly crafted upcycled products. Good for the world, good for your heart!"

Sunny Busby, owner And Love it Too

"Great work happening here!! Recycle, upcycle & buy, buy, buy!"

Kelly Smith, Pharmacy Technician

It turned out amazing!!!! You did such a good job!!! I seriously am freaking out over this bag. Just so ya know.

Samantha Hardman, A Whimsical Wood Yarn Company

Received our bags today ahead of schedule! Awesome!!! I love them!!! Love everything about them!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

A. Zamora

Just received my wonderful bag!! Gorgeous! Even better looking in person...and the quality is very distinctive! Will order more stuff for sure!!

Alyson Cook, @AltadenaPieLady

Everything about this [bag/mask combo], from the items to the presentation is First Class. Beautiful. <3

Karen Allison Zaki

Limited Stitch Markers

I recently came into a SLEW of charms and have made them into stitch markers (and a bit of jewelry).
You can find them here.

Get your cute Stitch Markers here!

Upcycled New Arrivals!

Memorial or Custom

When I first started this journey I asked myself how could I make things that help the planet AND are practical? I wanted my makes to be something that folks would likely use often. My catalog has grown over the years and today all of my patterns are functional and most completed pieces are at least 50% upcycled.

I've learned a lot on this journey but what has surprised me most are the memorial pieces. I've done hundreds and every. single. one. is different and has a different emotional attachment from both the buyer AND me, the maker. The more information I get on the front end, the more emotion goes into the piece as it's being made. The responses are always positive; a few years ago a woman sent me a video of her opening her package and crying... I've received many vids since.

This venture has turned into the most satisfying and heartfelt journey that has changed my place in the world. I wouldn't trade it for a million bucks.

If you're interested in a custom make of your own:

Start Here

Textile News & Donation Info

Upcycled Fabric Always FIRST

Everything you see in my shop, while it may have a segment of some new trendy fabric, the upcycled fabric will ALWAYS be face forward. On 2-sided bags and such you'll see the upcycled side as the front image. If you want to see more, you'll have to click on in. Enjoy! And thank you for appreciating upcycling and conserving.

Upcycled with Care