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Everybody always picks on poor Sal.

Everybody always picks on poor Sal. Here's his backstory for those interested: Years ago, I was on the hunt for a head model to photograph hats and scarves and such, back when I thought I could make money from knitting (but really I just learned that I was a really slow knitter). I couldn't afford to buy a new one, nor did I want to - I'm obviously a fan of recycling and upcycling so I went searching on the aftermarket for something used and within my price range (which wasn't much). On Ebay, I found a bunch of head models but most were kind of circus creepy and yet others were not cost effective. That's when I found Sal and his stage mate, you see I adopted him from the stage manager of a metal band. He was one of two guys that were part of their "stage decor" for shows. His stage mate was in a muuuuch worse state than him.... he had swastikas "tattooed" (drawn with blue ink) on his neck and forehead... so that was a big fat No! But he was sooo cheap! So I checked to see if the seller had any others and lo and behold Sal stared at me from the computer screen with an "I'm so tired of metal music, please get me outta here!" kind of look. So I hit the buy button and he's been with me ever since. I LOVE Sal. He's had a pretty tough life until he came to me, now he leads the life of leisure...even when he's modeling.

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  • Thanks for saving Sal from the Nazis I’m sure he’s glad too


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