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Xochitl's Husband

So, one of my clients called me a few weeks ago while I was in the middle of doing multiple things and only partially listening to her...she starts the conversation with "My husband died yesterday and I want you to make 10 bags for me out of his clothes." It took me a minute to comprehend that sentence. When I finally digested it, I apologized for the loss of her husband and was rather shocked that she was calling me the day after his passing. As it turns out, he'd been ill for a couple of years so while it was unexpected at that moment it wasn't really unexpected.  She had a voice of sad relief about her as she explained that family was coming in for the funeral and she wanted these bags to give to them as a remembrance of his life....such a sweet way to continue his memory. I didn't get pics of the before garments but these bags are 100% upcycled made from his shirts and his jeans. I also made a bucket hat that was also made from his jeans, when I showed it to her it brought tears to her eyes and she said, "he would love that he's making so many people happy".

If you're interested in your own custom upcycled memoriam here are the options I have so far click here



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