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So, why The DFHG Big HAUNTED Giveaway?

So, a while back I asked myself a question: How could I bring attention to my upcycled business during one of my favorite holidays AND help others at the same time?  

I thought, "well, lots of folks do giveaways, right? So how can I make my giveaway even more special?" I pondered what the goals should be; of course, first and foremost it's to attract attention to my business. I am a very small business owner and I need all the help I can get - especially in today's covid financial climate. But, I also compared many giveaways in the craft world over the last six months and while a few of them were pretty good I just felt like none of them really WOW'd me. And when I mean "WOW" I mean, like 3x as much as most giveaways. THAT would make me sign up! And with that I could not only attract attention but I could also achieve my second goal, and that is to truly just make someone utterly overjoyed happy when they win. That's very important to me and hopefully I'll achieve it with this collection. The last and definitely most important goal is to help others, and I can do that two ways: 

Early on, it was important to get other makers in the craft world involved in this event because a bunch is better than just one, right? Well, let me just take a sec to say thanks to everyone involved; y'all are REALLY making this event as special as it is,  without you it wouldn't be the BIG HAUNTED'd probably just be the "Halloween Giveaway".....LAME!

The bags in this collection were the inspiration for the black and red Halloween theme, all the makers were asked to bring their best red/black OR skulls to the giveaway party so here's what they came up with! (List in its entirety.)

Dragonfish Handmade Goods
Upcycled one of a kind Skullfinity Clutch 8.5x6.5 Value: $26
Upcycled one of a kind Skullfinity Project Bag 10x11 Value: $45
Upcycled one of a kind Skullfinity Tote Bag with invisible zipper 15x12.4 w/4” box Value $225

The Naked Sheep
Handmade Red Custom Skull Stitch Markers + Row Counter Set Value: $26
Hand-dyed Roving Fiber, Colorway: Burgundy Value: $19 Handmade Drop Spindle Value: $10 

String Theory Colorworks
Hand-dyed Self-Striping Yarn, Colorway: Red Dwarf Value: $26
Handmade Custom Silvertone Skull Stitch Markers Value: $12

Garage Dyeworks
Hand-dyed Super Wash/Nylon Yarn, 2 Skeins. Colorways: Basic Black, Red Garnet Value: $27 each

KJH Knit Designs
Shawl Pattern: Hey You Guys! Value: Priceless! (But really, $7)(Hand knit shawl shown for example, knit by Amanda Jenks: NOT FOR SALE)

Total Value: $423

I mean who WOULDN'T enter to win that booty?!
So, the second way I can help people is to donate to a charity that I care deeply for. A portion of profits from all Halloween merchandise sold at Dragonfish Handmade Goods during the Dragonfish Handmade Goods Big HAUNTED Giveaway 9/18/20-10/31/20 will go to APAIT (Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team) to help support homeless trans folx.

Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team (APAIT) Health Center provides a great number of services to the transgender community including: HIV/AIDS health services, behavioral health services including behavioral health treatment, counseling, and social support, substance abuse programs, housing and employment services. 

Homelessness and starvation are huge problems in this at-risk community and if I can help even just a little I always feel like I must. 

So, enter to win this Big Haunted Giveaway and you'll receive a discount code to do a little shopping! Buy something you like and in turn you'll help me as a small biz owner, AND you'll help homeless transgender folx in Los Angeles at the same time! 



*The lucky winner will be announced on Halloween 10/31/20 4pm pst.

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