People ask me all the time, “do you take clothing donations?”

The short answer: Yes. And thank you for thinking of me, first. 

The longer and more complex answer, and what I should start with, is mainly what I can NOT use: and that is primarily see-thru clothing and stretchy knit shirts or leggings. The see-thru I can possibly use in bolts or large sections for reusable gift bags but as a general rule: see thru fabrics and stretchy knit fabrics are near-impossible for me to use in my current iteration. 

The things I keep an eye out for:
Heavy Fabrics: rich upholstery fabrics, denim (points for fun prints or colors), canvas, duck cloth/oil cloth, light leather (my machines can’t handle the heavy stuff), 100% wool sweaters/blankets/etc. (points for colorwork or texture), vintage men’s suits (herringbone/houndstooth styles preferably but I’m game for funky 60s-70s suits), corduroy, linen, and khaki.

Mid-Weight Fabrics are mostly woven cottons: bed sheeting (interesting colors and patterns are a big bonus), dresses, dress shirts, tablecloths, drapes, etc. Also, vintage embroidered items, too.

This isn’t an exclusive list so be sure to reach out to me if you’re not sure. I’d much rather take it and donate it to my local thrift store if I can't use it then risk losing some great garment or textile, you know?  Just click the "Message Us" button on any page. Thanks again for considering saving your unwanted textiles!

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