Xylophone Rainbow Dark blue Reversible Bat Mask with Elastic or Ties

Xylophone Rainbow Dark blue Reversible Bat Mask with Elastic or Ties

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Remember Fisher Price's rainbow xylophone? One side of this reversible mask is a rich deep blue canvas from an Ikea drape and the other is the Fisher Price rainbow xylophone fabric. So fun!

These masks are multi-layered and have a filter pocket and a nose-wire canal. Your choice of ties or elastic.

The CDC suggests the use of either a blue shop paper towel, paper coffee filter, or a regular paper towel (in that order) and also suggests it be replaced regularly (hourly if you're in a high risk environment). I suggest you handwash with hot soapy water then hang to dry each night for a fresh mask the following day.

These masks are made from my collection of fabrics of stock fabric, the tie fabric is made from sheeting and is always changing. Thank you and please stay safe.

Hand wash and lay flat to dry. Smoke free/pet friendly.

Color variations can occur between monitors. Please message me with any questions you may have.

Thank you for considering upcycled/recycled handmade products. The earth and this handmade maker thanks you. 

And because we believe in reducing our carbon footprint packaging will be recycled, when available.

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