Handmade upcycled purple paisley owl mask

Purple Psychedelic Owl Mask with ties

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This groovy purple-y paisley-ish design hits all the high notes for me! Does it you?

Each of these fun, colorful, handmade masks have a three-layered fold design with a double-layered back pocket for a disposable filter to provide a safer coverage.

The CDC suggests the use of either a blue shop paper towel, paper coffee filter, or a regular paper towel (in that order) and also suggests to replace regularly (hourly if you're in a high risk environment).

Each handmade accordion-style mask also has a removeable pipe cleaner wire inserted in the nose area for a tight fit to your face. There is an open slot on the top specifically designed to easily remove it for washing or replacement. We suggest you handwash with hot soapy water then hang to dry each night for a fresh mask each day.

These masks are made from my collection of fabrics so the ties are always changing because bulk cutting conserves every inch of fabric, because conserving is my guidestar. The ties are most always upcycled from sheeting or other household textiles but this mask, because it's made from all of the same fabric, is special.